Car Display

Enthusiasts without a site, who wish to display their vehicles at the Toowoomba Swap, will be charged the standard admission fee for each person in the vehicle. In general, vehicles displayed should be 30 years old or older although special interest vehicles which don't meet this criterion may also be admitted.


Car Clubs wishing to display a number of vehicles together will be catered for, provided all of the cars arrive together. Both restored and modified vehicles are welcome. The display area is located on the outer edge of the main arena and access is through gate 2. There is space for approximately 200 vehicles.


Vehicles that are "For Sale" can be parked in this area but normal admission fees will apply. These vehicles should also arrive under their own power and should be more than thirty years old. No vehicles on trailers will be accepted for the display.


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Special Note: NO display cars will be allowed admission before 6am, Saturday morning.

All cars brought for display purposes must arrive under their own power. Vehicles on trailers will not be allowed as part of the display.

Electronic tickets CANNOT be used for entry. E-tickets can only be used at the turnstiles. As Display Cars must enter through Gate 2, only the standard entry fee of $15 will be accepted. Please have cash on hand to cover the cost of entry for every person in the vehicle.

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