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Start: 01/12/2020 - 9:00am
Finish: 01/12/2020 - 9:00pm
Created by: Arthur Johnson
RSVP required: No

NOTICE!! THERE IS AN ONGOING INTERMITTENT(!) PROBLEM WITH THE DATE AND/OR TIME OF PROPOSED RALLY EVENTS. This is due to the time difference between "local" and "internet time". The situation will be addressed during a website upgrade, as soon as possible. Sincere apologies for any trouble caused. During the interim period, should you experience difficulties with the Rally page, please note the following suggestions: 1. DO NOT(!), repeat - do NOT click on the "Today" button when setting the date or times of your rally. 'Today's date' is already the default date on the form. 2. Should you continue to have trouble with the future date/time of the Rally, complete the form as presented but type in the description field (this field) a note similar to the following: PLEASE NOTE, the date/timings indicated above are incorrect due to an internet fault. The actual Impromptu Rally date/times are: RALLY DATE, RALLY COMMENCE TIME - RALLY FINISH TIME.

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