Second reminder QHMC survey

Message from QHMC forwarded by Trevor Hoffmann

QHMC have had a meeting with a state politician recently on the Written Off Vehicles subject and their advice is to fill out and share the link to anybody with a Historic Vehicle and also to contact state politicians with your submissions by the 20th June (this month)

Download the document in question and look particularly at section 3.3 and for heavier vehicles section 3.2.
These sections are wanting to get written off vehicles crushed no matter what age they are

There is also a question on who assesses a vehicle to say it is written off as these figures can vary wildly at times.

QHMC will be at least asking for the cutoff date to be reinstated and suggest that it be set at a rolling 30 year cutoff.

Carle Gregory
QHMC President

Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc.