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Siteholders sell a variety of items including complete vehicles; old, reproduction & NOS parts for vehicles; 4x4's and motorcycles; new and used tools; hotrod parts; clothing; antiques & collectables; so there's something for everyone.

Upcoming Swap meet

The next Swap will be on February 1st & 2nd, 2025.

To purchase a swapsite ticket for the 2025 Swap click here.

Reservations for the next Swap meet

All Swap siteholders get a reservation for the same sites at the next Swap.

The reservation must be paid for and processed by the date mentioned when the reservation email is sent.

Once you get your reservation email, click on the link in the email, or click here, to log in to the TicketSearch online ticketing system (you may have to set/reset your password).

Log in to TicketSearch

Once you are logged in, there is an Orders menu on the left hand side, with a link to your Reservations/Unpaid.

Menu when signed in to TicketSearch

You will also get a reminder email 10 days before the reservation expires.

Site information

The Toowoomba Swap Meet has 1740 sites. Many of these are rebooked by the end of the Swap Meet.

Please note that we reserve the right to increase any or all of the entry prices at any time.

DDVVMC accepts no liability for acts of negligence on a siteholders swap site. It is the responsibility of swap siteholders to arrange their own public liability insurance cover.

Siteholders and visitors to the swap are advised that dogs are not allowed in the swap venue except as allowed by law.