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The Swap is proudly organised, managed and presented solely by the Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc. (DDVVMC). The event takes place on the first full weekend of February each year and is one of the three largest swap meets in Australia.

The 2022 Toowoomba Swap will be held on Saturday, 5th and Sunday 6th February, 2022; it will be the 49th Toowoomba Swap meet.

Up to 12,000 people attend the swap meet, including approximately 1,750 site holders and a volunteer force in the hundreds.

If you want to purchase a swap site, click here.

The DDVVMC is committed to the continued success of the Toowoomba Swap meet, and looks forward to working with our site holders, outside contractors and volunteers to create a great event you won't want to miss.

Please know that we take all feedback seriously and aim to improve key points for each year.

DDVVMC members volunteer to assist in the running of the swap meet; it is an exciting and rewarding event in which to take part. Anyone interested in being involved in the Club and the Swap is warmly invited to contact our Membership Officer.

Looking forwarding to seeing you once again at our next Toowoomba Swap.