Library documents

The DDVVMC Inc has a library of books, manuals, documents, etc. As they are scanned and made electronic, they will be added to this list.

We are working towards an online catalogue.

Library Collection

1923 List Of Motor Owners In Queenslandnames, addresses, makes of car - alphabetically & numerically arranged together with a list of motor garages in Qld36.11M
The Veteran GazetteA brochure of the Veteran Car Club of Australia's Queensland Silver Jubilee National Tour from September 198211.85M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 28 No 1 January-February, 196616.75M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 28 No 2 March-April, 196616.80M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 28 No 3 May-June, 196616.15M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 30 No 2 May-June, 196617.50M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 31 No 3 May-June, 196617.26M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 31 No 5 May-June, 196616.26M
Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 32 No 6 May-June, 196617.82M
W.M. TrevethanTwo stories about the Trevethan car (Queensland's first car) and early Toowoomba motorists6.23M
Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Car No 6 DeDion-Bouton - First automobile giant69.11M
Gilltraps Auto MuseumExtract from "Gold Coast in colour"1.38M
Gilltraps Auto MuseumGilltraps Yesteryear World souvenir catalogue15.99M
Gilltraps Auto MuseumGilltraps Auto Museum postcard3.41M
Gilltraps Auto MuseumGilltraps Souvenir Catalogue 19695.52M
Gilltraps Auto MuseumAustralian Twenties Fashion30.42M
CartoonsRaymondGroves - PitStop51.48M
CartoonsRaymondGroves - StartingFromScratch47.02M
CartoonsRussellBrockbank - UpTheStraight85.35M
CartoonsRussellBrockbank - RoundTheBend89.39M
CartoonsRussellBrockbank - OverTheLine88.44M
1930 Ocean Insurance policy for a WhippetNormal quality2.37M
1930 Ocean Insurance policy for a WhippetHigh quality35.60M
Photograph AlbumA trip from Brisbane to Darwin in a Willys Knight in 1925. Presented to the DDVVMC by the family of Jim Devitt 17.99M
GMH war effortA newspaper article and photographs of guns produced for Australia during WW2. This material was presented to DDVVMC by the FE/FC Holden Club during their National rally in Toowoomba over Easter 20163.23M
Veteran Cars of QueenslandEdition one of the Veteran Car Club of Australia Queensland publication, featuring a few Toowoomba cars, one of which is still in the DDVVMC stable5.78M
1953 Ducati CruiserBrochure1.13M
1953 Ducati CruiserLetters to a client from the distributor724.86K
Motor Cycle EnginesFamous British Power Units analysed by "The Motor Cycle" staff8.32M
1927 Rudge Book Of The Road1927 Rudge Book Of The Road14.61M
Dave Feichtner (DDVVMC's first president) Funeral booklet682.32K
Dave Feichtner (DDVVMC's first president) Clearance Sale ad1.85M
Dave Feichtner (DDVVMC's first president) Clearance Sale catalogue9.74M
Ford Model T ServiceFord Model T Service68.50M
DDVVMC Recipe BookPublished by the ladies of the club as a fund-raiser in 198131.71M